Adjustable Pure Cotton Guitar Strap

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  • Genuine Leather - 100% Genuine black leather ends for durable and long lasting usage. It is the perfect gift for guitar players,friends and children.
  •  Adjustable - Adjustable length from 33 Inches - 60 Inches. Our vintage cotton guitar strap can be extended to work with almost guitar body size, providing you with seamless playing experience.
  •  Fits With All Guitars - One of our strap's best feature is its universal compatibility. It doesn't matter whether your guitar is an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar, or a bass guitar.
  •  Lightweight - The cotton is well knit and does not have any loose threads, the color is even on all the strap. The cotton is soft and it's very gentle with the guitar.
  •  Loved by Guitar Player - Our design is suitable for men, women and children. Suited for acoustic, electric and bass guitars. The design is very attractive, and it blends in beautifully with the guitar.